Easy Going rose informationWhen Kathy and I took over the nursery from my parents, we moved into a new manufactured home across the lawn from the nursery office.  Our first obstacle was to landscape around the area.  We couldn’t afford a garage so we just graveled an area to park our cars.  We built a bed in the front and both sides of the parking area for roses and planted about 40 Easy Going to surround the parking area.  What a show this rose provided!  The plants are vigorous and dense with shiny, dark green foliage and massive, thorny canes.  But the flowers they produced were large and abundant.  One of the best floribundas on the market, this sport of Livin’ Easy is my first pick for an easy-to-grow yellow rose for any location.  One summer, it went through the entire season without a drop of irrigation, just using what Mother Nature provided.

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