Among the many friends I made in the rose business, Robert and Philip Harkness were gracious and generous in all the wonderful times we spent together, either walking their research blocks of roses in Hitchin, England or our blocks in Oregon or California.  On one of the trips to England, I spotted this wonderful hybrid tea, “Commonwealth Glory” which had already been introduced in the UK.  They sent me budwood to test it in the US and I found that it washed out in the heat of California or anywhere else that summer temps went above 80º or so.  But, in the cool spring of Portland, this rose can be spectacular and my friend, Jim Linman has captured its beauty in this photograph.  We introduced it here in the US without much financial success but to those rose lovers who wanted to grow it, they have enjoyed some stunning blooms and possibly a trophy or two.  It’s tender in cold climates but has a wonderful scent.  Edmunds’ Roses still lists it as one of their offerings.

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