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Sally Holmes

My friend, Rich Baer, is one of the world’s best rose photographers.  Not because he is especially good with the camera, but because he grows roses and captures them in their most perfect stage of beauty.  His artistry comes from growing and showing 1000+ roses over 40 years in Portland, Oregon and loving every waking moment of it.  I stopped by his stunning garden this week to visit and we walked and talked among the beds.  My eye caught the sight of his two plants of Sally Holmes next to his garage.  They were so magnificent that I couldn’t keep from grabbing my phone and snapping this photo.  They are free standing with no trellis behind them.  A great rose in my... read more

“Morning Has Broken” in Portland

  I took on a new client in Southwest Portland this spring who has a number of large, older roses.  I touched up the pruning in April, gave them a shot of fertilizer and sprayed them to protect them from fungus diseases.  I came back today to deadhead the spent blooms and give them another spray and found this huge plant about eight feet wide with about 500+ buds just ready to burst.  This clean plant was just stunning.  The rose is called “Morning is Broken”.   It is a large shrub rose bred by the late John Clements of Heirloom Roses in St. Paul.  The flowers are about 4″ in diameter and have about 16 petals.  The profuse blooming plant is very disease resistant and has beautiful, shiny, dark green foliage.  It’s a winner in my... read more

Portland’s Secret Garden

The Portland Rose Festival is sneaking up on us rather quickly but the time for viewing roses is early this year.  Roses in all gardens are coming into bloom now because of our early warm weather this spring.  If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend a visit to the Peninsula Park Sunken Rose Garden in North Portland.  This garden was built in 1913 and has thousands of roses in just one acre.  The garden is located just east of I-5 off the Rosa Parks exit on North Albina and North Ainsworth.  The next three weeks should be... read more

Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent

As your roses are putting on all that new spring growth, keep your eye out for deer damage.  Deer love roses and will eat the soft tips and leaves of the new canes.  We have had great success with Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent when used as directed. One of our clients had very little spring bloom until we started spraying and now they have abundant flowers. Liquid Fence does not wash off in the rain, is odorless once it dries and will not harm the roses or the... read more

Don’t put your rose garden too close to the creek!

One of my clients lives on a lake. They have a beautiful rose garden of about 300 roses which I have maintained for over a year now. I learned early on that I would need to spray deer repellent fairly often as I came upon deer in the driveway and sure enough, they had been browsing on the roses. We had dealt with deer at the nursery so knew what to look for-munched new growth, buds gone. Last fall I encountered strange damage to the roses and couldn’t figure out what was causing it. Whole canes of roses were cut off at a 45° angle right above the bud union, stripped of leaves and bark and laying all over the garden. Two of the roses were actually dug out and were missing. After further investigation, we found a trail leading to the lake and some more canes floating in the water. Apparently, after discussing with pest control experts, we discovered that hungry beavers were stocking up for the winter. The damage was done in just a few nights over a month period, but it was significant. Now I understand why this client has iron fences around their young trees around the garden. Who would have thunk that beavers would go after the roses? Now you know. Don’t plant your garden to close to the... read more


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